Thursday, February 26, 2015

Walking as a meditation

~ Walking as a meditation  ~
is one of my favorite pages of inspiration from Simple Abundance. I have read the pages over and over and over and I'm never disappointed. As I have been on a journey to get my body and mind in better shape, I came with a idea that 'works for me'. We are uniquely made and what works for someone else may not work for me. I have so many awesome friends and love watching them take care of themselves. I'm on that trek and it was been uphill all the way for me. I'm one who has never enjoyed exercise. Really, does anyone? I've discovered that yes, people do. I know that exercise promotes energy and what is really comes to mind more than thing is that my body is the 'temple of the Holy Spirit'. It's so important that I make great choices as...
Spiritual food everyday for my soul and mind
nutritious food choices for my body
exercising my body, using the many muscles and joints God created.

OK, do I take care of the above 3's? Today I will find and meditate on Scripture to apply Godly principals then I will meditate 'renewing my mind'.

Now a sixty sister

What a wonderful birthday weekend!! I have the best family and loved much and it doesn't get better than that. Pictured above my turquoise scarf and miniature Mattel 'Chatty Cathy' ornament doll. When I was a little of my favorite dolls was my Chatty Cathy doll. I was blessed to find one and she is posed in our guest room. Although she doesn't talk when you pull the string...she delights me whenever I see her.

The scarf and little Chatty Cathy doll are the two gifts which I purchased early for my authentic self. After batteries are placed little Chatty Cathy doll will talk when I pull her string. Too cute! She'll find a nice place to 'be' in my miniature 'Trash to Treasure' house.


Friday, April 25, 2014

'Passover Meal' shared with Harvest House friends at St. Cecilia Parish, Haysville

Phyllis and I pictured above. What a great time we had Thursday, April 17, 2014. We are 'sisters in Christ' and were almost twins.
Her birthday is one day after mine, same year...
She made me the lovely crocheted scarf.
Go Shockers!! 

The prayer service lead by Fr. Paul O'borney was very insightful.
(I plan to come back and type some of the 'Prayer Service' here....)

Legs of lamb. Really? Really.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthdays come and's never to late to celebrate

 Birthdays do come and go, sometimes too quickly don't they?This morning I was pondering 'Simple Abundance' in my life and was a little saddened that my plan didn't work out to celebrate my birthday. Truly God's plans and God's timing. I was with who and where God wanted me to be 'no doubt' and I enjoyed the day very much. Two Birthday surprises-
  • A phone call from my husband sharing that our diocese has a new 'Bishop Elect' Carl Kemme'.
  • My nephew Jason Daniel and brother in law Dan repaired the ugly dent on the side of my car.  Caused by a hit and run and I've had to look at it every day for over a year.
Above is a photo of my birthday present from my 'authentic self'.  The two glitter gel pens (one pink and the other purple) and a card crafting book  (which is AMAZING) at Mrs. O'Leary's in Old Town, Wichita weeks prior to my birthday.  The  clip from 'Fun Finds' was sure that because I didn't buy it when I first saw it, I went back a day later and bought it. 

Funny...I read a sign just yesterday at an antique mall which reads:

'If you came back to buy the item that
you saw yesterday, it isn't here. The person
that saw it the day before yesterday came back and bought it.'

Today is going to be a full day however...I'm going put my nose into my new book for a little while. Simple Abundance's 'If not now....when?' If you haven't read that might want to, it's really good.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Glimmers from the Golden Mirror

Have you read about the Golden Mirror meditation?
(The photo of Lois's golden mirror that I discovered this past weekend. It made heart smile as I shared with Terra and Marilyn (as we all were looking in the mirror at the same time) about Simple Abundance & the 'Golden Mirror meditation')
A few thoughts to share...

Today when you glance in the mirror, maybe a golden mirror like Lois's, I encourage you to bless the face that stares back at you. Like putting your best foot forward, putting on your best face with a smile is a small however important way of nurturing your authenticity.

It is true that when we feel better about our appearance...we have self-confidence, more energy and actually reach out to others more often. Let's strive to take excellent care of our minds, bodies and spirits. He who began a new work in you, will be faithful to complete it.

At times I've been a big complainer. Somewhere I read that it's important to accentuate on the positive qualities and we've 'ALL' been given some. It may be your natural curly hair, slimming waist line, your pretty toe nails, posture or the lovely color of your eyes. You are beautifully made and God created beautiful YOU!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hope chest...hope basket...hope container...what's in yours?

Years back when I came to the reading March 5 'Creating a Hope Chest', I loved the idea and was right on board creating my own like Sarah Ban Breathnach. A little guilt tricked in, in my not finishing projects which I started and then there's always those new ones. You know now the story goes...not enough time...not enough energy...too tired. As I made the new plan to get organized & prioritized, I've been having so much fun. Last week I came up with a 'blessing button blanket' idea to comfort, and it has been added to my... Hope basket. There is a lot of the color purple...the color of hope to me. 

If you don't have a Hope chest and would like to create one, you can! A large basket or container...just chose something inviting (to keep your 'some day' projects organized). Because I'm a scrapper, last year I organized 5 - 6 memory books (stuff) presently in my hope container. BIG project...took me one whole afternoon to go through. I discovered 'tossing' out duplicates & items I don't wish to use is a really good thing. 

You may think or say out loud "OH MY GOSH...that girl has a lot of junk in her trunk!" I probably do...and you're not even seeing the half of it. The captions share a bit as to if they are finished projects and some 'not so finished' in my hope basket.

I need to get that button replaced on our chair pillow!
Going to get keyed attach some keys to the top of my box (where key art is).  I've collected old keys for years. Keys to a Happy Life ~ Live in the moment, love deeply, love, chase your dreams, kindness, laugh often, be generous, forgive, believe in yourself. My favorite 'new' discovered key...Give like you have plenty.
Domestic Divas ~ Do It All.  Above is some fabric from my daughter. Not sure yet...
Going to create a 'blessing button blanket' for someone. It's really a small lap quilt.
Prayers to be said for the person as I sew the buttons onto the fabric.
Not sure what will be showcased in this little thing...
This is going to be one of the next memory books!  In 1998 I walked the Via Dolorosa. It truly was one of the most profound memories of my life time. Years ago my husband was so kind to make two enlarged  'memory book' copies for me. One for our Parish Chapel and one for our family. It was the saddest experience to walk in Jesus' footsteps. 
The title of the book 'The Road to Grace' spoke loudly to me. I'd like to alter this book after reading it.
Purchased this framed art & took it apart to trim the print smaller so that it would fit correctly into frame. This is where I found the cliche 'Give like you have plenty'.
 This sweet doll will be cut short & more.
Created a memory book for one of my daughters, making recordings in my voice, sharing treasured memories of her growing up & my love! It turned out so sweet!
 'Messages in bottles for friends'
An old lamp shade with four 'Mary Engelbreit' prints attached.  Mary's whimsical art never fails to delight me.

My 'Hope basket'
Can't wait for the fun 'Hope chest' get-together planned in February. Together we'll have some fun accomplishing something or the other. I hope.

Patty in Oz

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spiritual resolutions for the new year!

Have you made 'New Year' resolutions for 2014? A friend in my faith sharing group said she has made a spiritual resolution and I really liked this idea. Yesterday Amy (my very lovely daughter/friend) hosted a Beat Eat! Eat It! Party at her home. What fun! Everyone shared ideas about both health & wellness goal and challenges. She and friend Candi worked & played all day preparing healthy snacks, luncheon meal and drinks. It was so interesting, informative and fun. 
With  the awesome insight from all the lovely ladies, today I am making a Spiritual resolution to take much better care of myself spiritually, physically and emotionally. My plan to continuing to build my relationship with The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. Planning to enjoy a healthy breakfast at sunrise. A prayer walk everyday (inviting a friend along). Live emotionally strong by 'letting people off the hook who don't meet my expectations'. I did this a few weeks ago & it was refreshing. Respond instead of react. renew my mind with God's Word daily. It's a good plan. Please pray for me.